Just some thoughts on gvg battles

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Just some thoughts on gvg battles Empty Just some thoughts on gvg battles

Post by Killabee on Tue Sep 16, 2014 6:20 pm

The autorez actually grew on me. But was so buggy. 3 minutes autorez was nice when it was working but so inconsistent and buggy. Sometimes only one team auto Rez. Sometimes it's the same player over and over.

Battles tend to be slow and boring, culminated on the first 3 minutes for battles. Why don't you let the rear guard do pursuit attacks too. Keeps the game close and we actually might end up with an actual 30 minutes of fighting. Seriously, did y'all see that final event campaign battle. Total snooze fest!

Gms fight some and you'll see exactly what I am saying.

Either way, I'm at least happy the developers actually continue to try to improve the game.


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